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Splicing Tapes For Other SMT Chip Mounters



Many of  the splicing tapes shown on this page can be used with SMT Placement Systems such as Casio, Essemtec, Mimot, Philips, Quad, Samsung, TDK, TWS Quadra, Tenryu,  Yamaha, as well as many other machine types.


Please request splicing tape samples via our contact page. Kindly specify your SMT placement system type(s) and include your mailing and email addresses.


Without doubt, our most versatile and popular 8mm tape is FC8A which is self-adhesive and comes in convenient, pre-cut lengths. It has a built-in alignment guide meaning precise pitch spacing and does NOT NEED hand tooling or metal splicing plates.


Tape splicing enables replenishment of SMT components whilst the chip mounter is still in full operation, thus greatly improving the uptime of the placement system.


All our splicing tapes (Joint Tapes) are original parts and not cheap copies.


 Our 8mm splicing tape FC8B can also be used many different placement systems, as can FC1272B 
















Our complete range of splicing tapes are always in stock, for immediate shipping.



Download Adobe Reader (opens PDF files).







8mm Pinking Scissors with unique "zig-zag" cut.


Ensures perfect alignment of component carrier tapes.


Can be used in conjunction with FC8A, FC8B, FC8TS etc.


We have made a DVD showing how to make an 8mm splice using both FC8A and FC8B splicing tapes.


The DVD also shows the PKS-008 pinking scissors in use.


click here to request your free copy.


We also have customers using FC1272B splicing tapes on other SMT equipment.


Please click here for further information about FC1272B.




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