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Panasonic FCQE Splicing Tapes (Joint Tapes)

 These splicing tapes are primarily designed for use with Panasonic CM202, CM402 & CM602 chip mounters (Kyushu Matsushita Electric Co., Ltd).


The FCQE range of splicing tapes are all self-adhesive and have a built-in alignment guide to ensure accurate joining of the two component reel tapes, prior to making the splice. This produces a strong and reliable splice, each and every time. 


FCQE splicing tapes are all Black in colour and  can, therefore, be detected by CM chip mounters fitted with recognition systems. They are ESD and a splice can be made very quickly, with or without the utilisation of a metal splicing plate.


Tape splicing enables replenishment of SMT components whilst the chip mounter is still in full operation, thus greatly improving the uptime of the placement system.


All our FCQE splicing tapes are original parts and not cheap copies.


For pictorial instructions showing how to make a succesful tape splice  using a specific FCQE splicing tape, please click the appropriate link below, as underlined in blue. 


FC8QE - 8mm Black tape, ESD                                 For all PFSC Japan, Europe & USA

FC12QE - 12mm Black Tape, ESD                           corresponding FCQE part numbers

FC16QE - 16mm Black Tape, ESD                           please click here.

FC24QE - 24mm Black Tape, ESD

FC8TS - 8mm Black Tape, ESD                                5-hole metal plate


We always have stock of genuine FCQE splicing tapes for immediate shipping.


MA8QE - 8mm Black Tape, ESD, combi-tape

                  with integral splicing plate. This is a

                 specialist tape, designed by ourselves.

                 (Test samples available).








Download Adobe Reader (opens PDF files).




FC1272B Multi-Purpose 12mm - 72mm Splicing Tape. Can be used with CM series machines.


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